Pond and Habitat Management Specialists

In this day and age of criticism, I would like to thank ESSHUP.  Scott dropped some tilapia off last week and I still have no floaters!  But what sets him apart was I was in the middle of a "water" problem in my kitchen that happened to spring a leak and drain into my basement, and he not only offered to take time out of his day to help someone he has never met before, but he gave me advice on other aspects of my pond that I did not connect the dots together on yet.

Thanks again Scott, and Hoosier Pond Pros.

≈ MIKE from Plymouth ≈

Whether you need to know about water quality, water treatment, stocking, predator or pest removal, Scott is one of the most knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Having worked with Scott for over two years, I have found Scott to be one of the most thorough persons to work with.  Scott understands that there are alternate ways of controlling anything from unwanted vegetation to unwanted or invasive species.  Scott's mastery of mechanical systems and his design engineering skill makes any problem easily solved.

≈ BRIAN from Texas ≈