Pond and Habitat Management Specialists

Hoosier Pond Pros carries a complete line of Pond and Lake related products.  Whether your goals include more or larger fish, cleaner water, better quality fishing opportunities or just a beautiful focal point on your property, we have the products and know how to help you get there.  Below are just a few of the product lines we feature.  We invite you to click the links below to learn more about our featured products, or just enter the store and window shop!

We supply a full line of Vertex Aeration Systems and Equipment for small or large ponds, as well as
Floating Fountains for pond and lake owners who want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their waters.

Texas Hunter manufactures some of the most robust and reliable fish and wildlife feeders in the industry. If you are looking to take your fish or deer to the next level, providing them with a consistent supply of quality nutrition is a key component. Stop by our store and check out some of the many Texas Hunter products we sell!